Ravis Shakamuri

Ravi Shakamuri

Chief Executive Officer: Star Care Health Services & Star Tech Group. It is inherent human nature to aspire for quality of life, regardless of who, what and where an individual is in this world. Quality of life can be defined in so many ways, but in its essence can be distilled into one word, “happiness”. Society is a collection of individuals who are driven by the basic human values of equity and relationships building and participating in an environment where aspirations are realized through independence of thought, actions and fairness. Health status of a community or society is the basic foundation on which good judgement of the individuals reflects in the values of that society. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has completed 25 years of research stating that “healthy students are successful individuals”. From children to adults, it is imperative that any individual or organization committed and striving to make a community to be self-sustaining in its effort is commendable and needs to be supported. Yeriwah Foundation commitment to improve the quality of health for the citizens of The Gambia is a mission in which a strategic advisory role is defined as a responsibility to provide recommendations to the board with all humility. It is Ravi’s intent and commitment working in collaboration with the other strategic advisors to provide a framework in which the board of the Yeriwah Foundation to evaluate, modify and approve actionable plans with a well-defined outcomes, resource allocation and assignment to individuals or group. Ravi appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Yeriwah Foundation in its effort to make a difference to the citizens of The Gambia