Project Report Update – Yeriwah Clinic – February 4, 2024

Construction Progress:

  • Electrical Work: Substantial progress has been made on the electrical work, with approximately 90% of the tasks completed. The team has diligently ensured that all electrical systems are installed safely and according to specifications.

  • Interior Painting: The interior painting project is halfway through, with 50% of the work completed. Efforts are ongoing to ensure that the selected colors enhance the ambiance of the clinic while maintaining a professional appearance.

  • Floor Tiling: The floor tiling is nearing completion, with 90% of the work done. The team has worked meticulously to achieve a durable and visually appealing finish throughout the clinic.

  • Plumbing: Plumbing installation is progressing steadily, with approximately 55% of the work completed. The team is focused on ensuring that all plumbing fixtures are installed correctly and functionally.

  • Ceiling Installation: About half of the ceiling installation has been completed, with 50% of the work finished. This aspect of the project is essential for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Next Steps:

  • The electrical team will continue to work towards completing the remaining 10% of tasks, ensuring all electrical systems are fully operational.
  • Efforts will be made to advance the interior painting project to completion.
  • The tiling and plumbing teams will work towards finalizing their respective tasks, aiming for comprehensive completion shortly.
  • The remaining ceiling installation will be done efficiently to ensure consistency across the clinic’s interior.