Project Report Update – Yeriwah Clinic – January 13, 2024

Construction Progress:

  • Floor Tiling: The floor tiling work is currently in progress. The team is diligently working to ensure a high-quality finish throughout the clinic.

  • Soak-Away Concrete: The construction team has commenced work on the soak-away concrete. This critical aspect of the project is essential for the proper disposal of wastewater, and efforts are being made to complete this task efficiently.

  • Perimeter Fence: Approximately 95% of the perimeter fence has been completed, and the team is actively working on the remaining portion. The perimeter fence is crucial for ensuring security and privacy for the clinic.

Equipment and Supplies:

  • Container Arrival: The most recent container has arrived, bringing with it essential medical equipment and supplies. This includes an Anesthesia Machine, Baby Beds, Ceiling materials, and various other medical equipment crucial for the clinic’s functionality.

  • Offloading: I am pleased to report that all items from the recent container have been successfully offloaded and are now safely stored within the clinic premises. This marks a significant milestone in ensuring that the clinic is well-equipped to provide the necessary medical services.

Next Steps:

  • The construction team will continue with the ongoing floor tiling and soak-away concrete work until completion.
  • Finalizing the remaining portion of the perimeter fence is a top priority.
  • The project team will proceed with the installation and setup of the recently received medical equipment to ensure they are ready for use.

We appreciate your continued support and trust in our ability to carry out this project successfully.