Clinic Construction Update….

Clinic Construction Update (December 6th)

Yeriwah Clinic Construction Update Report – December 6, 2023

We are thrilled to share a promising update on the ongoing construction of Yeriwah Clinic. As of today, significant strides have been made, bringing us closer to the completion of this vital healthcare facility.

1. Electrical Work Nears Completion: The electrical installation at Yeriwah Clinic is in its final stages. Skilled electricians have been diligently working to ensure a robust and efficient electrical system that will power the clinic, providing a safe and conducive environment for both patients and medical staff.

2. Seamless Internet Networking: Efforts to enhance the clinic’s connectivity have been successful. The Internet networking infrastructure has been seamlessly integrated into the facility’s pipelines, ensuring a reliable and high-speed network for essential medical services, communication, and data management.

3. Exterior Painting Commences: The transformation of Yeriwah Clinic’s facade has begun as painters meticulously lay the base of the exterior paint. The chosen color scheme not only adds aesthetic appeal but also reflects the clinic’s commitment to a welcoming and healing atmosphere.

4. Container Base Construction: The foundation for a crucial component of the clinic, the container base, has been expertly constructed by our skilled bricklayers. This marks a crucial step forward, setting the stage for the next phases of container installation and outfitting.

As we witness the progress made in these key areas, we anticipate a timely completion of Yeriwah Clinic, a testament to the collaborative efforts of the construction team and stakeholders involved. The clinic’s realization is a beacon of hope for improved healthcare accessibility in the community. We express our gratitude to all contributors and look forward to updating you on further milestones. Together, we are building a healthier and brighter future for Yeriwah.