Project Report Update – Yeriwah Clinic – February 12, 2024

Construction Progress:

  • Electrical Work: The electrical work is nearing completion, with approximately 65% of the tasks finalized. The team has been dedicated to ensuring that all electrical systems are installed and operational according to the highest standards.

  • Interior Painting: Significant progress has been made on the interior painting, with 35% of the work now completed. The team is working diligently to apply the chosen colors and finishes to enhance the aesthetics of the clinic’s interior.

  • Floor Tiling: The floor tiling is nearly complete, with 70% of the work finished. The team has been meticulous in laying the tiles to achieve a durable and visually appealing result throughout the clinic.

  • Plumbing: Plumbing installation has progressed to approximately 50% completion. The team continues to focus on installing and testing plumbing fixtures to ensure functionality and reliability.

  • Ceiling Installation: About 60% of the ceiling installation has been completed. This aspect of the project is essential for both structural integrity and enhancing the overall appearance of the clinic.

Supervision and Recommendations:

  • On Wednesday, February 14th, a team from the Ministry of Health visited the clinic for supervision and recommendations. Their insights and recommendations will be invaluable in ensuring that the clinic meets all necessary standards and requirements for operation.

Next Steps:

  • The electrical team will work towards completing the remaining 35% of tasks, ensuring all electrical systems are fully operational and compliant.
  • Efforts will continue to advance the interior painting project towards completion.
  • Final touches will be made to complete the tiling, plumbing, and ceiling installation, aiming for comprehensive finish in the coming days.
  • Recommendations provided by the Ministry of Health will be carefully reviewed and implemented to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

We remain committed to delivering a high-quality and fully functional clinic.