Project Report Update – Yeriwah Clinic – January 20, 2024

Construction Progress:

  • Floor Tiling: The floor tiling project has reached a significant milestone, with 95% of the work completed. The team has been meticulous in ensuring a high-quality finish, and we anticipate the full completion of this phase shortly.

  • Soak-Away Concrete: Work on the soak-away concrete is progressing as planned. The team is dedicated to meeting the necessary standards, and we expect completion in line with the project schedule.

  • Perimeter Fence: Approximately 95% of the perimeter fence has been successfully erected, contributing to the security and privacy of the clinic. The team is actively working on the remaining 5% and is committed to completing it in a timely manner.

Interior Work:

  • Ceiling Installation: The installation of the ceiling has commenced, enhancing the structural and aesthetic aspects of the clinic. This development adds to the overall functionality and appearance of the facility.

  • Interior Painting: The first layer of interior painting is at an advanced stage, with 90% of the work completed. The selected colors and finishes are creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within the clinic.

  • Glass Door Installation: Glass doors for some rooms have been successfully installed, contributing to both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the clinic.

Next Steps:

  • The construction team will finalize the remaining 5% of floor tiling, ensuring a comprehensive and polished finish.
  • Ongoing efforts will continue on the soak-away concrete and the completion of the perimeter fence.
  • The installation of the ceiling and the interior painting will progress to subsequent layers as planned.
  • Further installations, including additional glass doors, will be carried out in alignment with the project schedule.