Yeriwah Clinic Construction Update – 29th Dec. 2023

Progress Overview: As of the recent update, significant strides have been made in the construction of Yeriwah Clinic, reflecting a dedicated commitment to quality and efficiency.

Air Conditioning Installation: The air conditioning installation team has commenced their crucial work, making notable progress in the installation process. A key highlight is the nearly completed excavation of the wall for the air conditioning water waste channel, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

Reception Bases Construction: The skilled bricklayers have successfully constructed the three reception bases, laying a solid foundation for the welcoming and functional aspects of the clinic’s reception area.

Perimeter Face Construction: The exterior of the clinic is taking shape with the ongoing process of constructing the perimeter face. The groundwork has been diligently executed, and the bricklaying phase is in full swing, benefiting from an ample supply of blocks and sand.

Outside Ceiling Installation: Simultaneously, progress is being made on the installation of the outside ceiling, contributing to both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the clinic.

Outlook: The construction team’s synchronized efforts and the availability of necessary materials signify a positive trajectory for the project. The commitment to meeting quality standards is evident in each facet of the construction process.

This update signifies not only the tangible advancements in the construction but also the unwavering dedication to creating a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the heart of the community. The Yeriwah Clinic project continues to unfold with promising developments, setting the stage for a facility that will serve the community effectively and efficiently.