Yeriwah organizes medical mission trips to The Gambia. The medical mission trip provides surgical and medical care to underserved and vulnerable people as well as training and education to the medical and health professionals. Depending on the experience of the volunteer, you can run triages, be part of a surgical team, take vital signs, participate in the prevention of infectious diseases, diabetes prevention, administer injections and drugs, draw blood and run labs, run medical educational campaigns, public health initiatives assist with screenings, checkups, organize patient records, health visitations and more. The mission team also provides occasional activities/excursions which are optional during the mission in various locations as a way for volunteers to get a chance to see the natural beauty and unique cultural experiences around the mission locations and various communities. Volunteers are expected to spend most week days administering medical care or participating in educational health initiatives within the mission areas.

Our medical missions are short term. The entire mission usually last 1 to 2 weeks. Visas are obtained by YMF coordinating team for all participants 1-2 months before the trip. Participants can also get Visa's on arrival at point of entry in the airport for the same fee. Visa fees are paid by the participants. Participants are encouraged to get a valid passport good for 3-6 months’ travel prior to expiration. Participants are encouraged to send their passports along with the applicable visa fees and one passport photo size to YMF coordinating team for timely visa processing.

Participants for all the trips are requested to contribute $375 to the YMF for expenses that will be incurred during the mission trip. Prior to the trip, a commitment fee of $500 is required of all participants which will be credited to each one from the cost. This is to ensure that people who sign up will travel with the medical mission team and not opt out at the last minute, which creates a massive logistics situation for the coordinating team. We need help from medical specialties, surgical specialties including ophthalmologist, optometrist, primary care doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals, para-professionals and non-medical personnel and students. We also appreciate donations of medical equipment’s, hospital supplies and medications during these trips.

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