Yeriwah Mega Foundation is dedicated to healing, improving and advancing the health and quality of life of underserved and vulnerable people in rural communities in developing countries through the provision of medical, surgical care services and education.

Yeriwah Mega Foundation has been granted 501(c) (3) tax exempt status by the IRS. 99% of all donations go to the people who need it, we do not have salaried staff, and all our board members are volunteers.

Your generous gift will help us provide medical and surgical care to underserved and vulnerable people in rural communities in The Gambia. Thank you for your generous gift. Your continued support provides us with resources and makes our missions possible.

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Clinic Construction Update….

Clinic Construction Update (December 6th) Yeriwah Clinic Construction Update Report - December 6, 2023 We are thrilled to share a promising update on the ongoing construction of Yeriwah Clinic. As of today, significant strides have been made, bringing us closer to the completion of this vital healthcare facility. 1. Electrical Work Nears Completion: The electrical …
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Clinic Construction Updated

  As of November 24, 2023, the Yeriwah Clinic construction project has made significant progress, marking notable achievements in various aspects of the development. A key highlight is the completion of door installations throughout the clinic, signifying a crucial step towards securing the facility. All doors have been successfully fixed, contributing to the overall structural …
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