Yeriwah Clinic is a beacon of hope for the regional community and represents a commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in the region. With state-of-the-art medical equipment and a team of skilled professionals, the clinic provides essential medical services, including diagnostics, treatment, and preventive care.


Yeriwah Clinic is where your advancement for healthcare and patient safety starts. It is all about women`s healthcare, we welcome, support, protect, and improve lives through a patient safety culture.


Yeriwah Clinic: The region’s number-one choice for maternal health advancement and outpatient care. To increase safe care, improve communication, and reduce delays in care, we have an electronic health record system that helps improve outcomes in patient care, and volume management, and improve communication between providers, caregivers, patients, and their families.

Our Maternal and Neonatal Services
Yeriwah Clinic is the center for maternal health advancement in the region and our Maternal service department is a one-stop center for your birthing. Whether you are a first-time expecting mum or an experienced expecting mum, you can expect excellent care and treatment from our experienced, professional midwives, registered nurses, and doctors throughout your pregnancy from Antepartum, labor and delivery, Postpartum care and mommy follow-up visits. Our services also include routine OBGYN care and prenatal care. We serve women and their families with diverse health needs.

We know, the birth of your baby is a special occasion for you and for this purpose, we have a spacious private room, a delivery bed, and a monitor that will make this process unforgettable. Yeriwah Clinic knows how important education is to our patients and their families during this time. We welcome and provide the following maternity services.

• Educational tours
• Provider information
• Labor preparation and checklist

Yeriwah Clinic Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) Suite:
Our labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum suites are one of a kind and the first in the country. They are designed for most common vaginal birth delivery and are a great way for mother and baby to bond. Each of the LDRP single suites is equipped with advanced labor and delivery beds, monitors for close monitoring, and evaluations for expecting mothers and their newborns. Each suite is equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to care for both mother and baby before, during, and after birth. We know how important this is to you and your family.

The rooms are designed for your comfort, peace, and convenience and to make it easy for the family to connect and adjust. In cases where a Cesarean birth is necessary or complications arise, you will be moved from your private LDRP suite and this is done with consultation and evaluation from your OBGYN doctor who will explain decisions to you and get you informed during the whole process.

Yeriwah Clinic is committed to providing you with a safe, positive birthing experience and easing the transition to parenthood as you take the new bundle of joy into your arms. Our team of dedicated and experienced nurse midwives and doctors are here to make you feel at home in a peaceful, private well-ventilated, quiet, air-conditioned room. Some of the amenities include a TV, a private toilet room, stand-up showers with shower chairs, hand-washing basins, and more.

Our team of experienced nurse midwives, registered nurses, and doctors are here for you and your newborn. Upon arrival, you and your family member will be admitted to your private suite, which is fully air-conditioned. We will welcome you, support you, and provide education for your delivery process and post-delivery care.

Our team of health professionals has the skills and knowledge to manage any high-risk pregnancy, Cesarean birth, and other GYN surgeries. We understand that the birth of a newborn is an exciting joyous time for the entire family and we want you to have that experience at Yeriwah Clinic with our team of healthcare professionals for a healthy delivery.

Our Newborn Nursery suite or rooming-in option:
New mothers also have a choice for their newborns to be cared for and monitored in our secured Newborn Nursery suite by our team of dynamic nurses and nurse aides. When the Newborn is not with you, you rest in your delivery suite in a relaxed atmosphere with a piece of mind. This is also available to new mothers who are unable to care for their babies during the period of their post-delivery. You can request your baby at any time and our professional nurses and nurses aides will do a safety check and bring your precious joy to you. You could also alternatively visit your newborn in the Newborn Nursery suite at any time with a piece of mind and meet your nursing and medical care specialists who are providing care to you and your baby. Yeriwah Clinic is the first in the nation to provide this kind of Newborn Nursery suite care.

Breastfeeding: As a new mother, breastfeeding is a key bonding pillar immediately after delivery. This could be an exciting opportunity and sometimes a challenging one. Our dedicated nurses will assist you with breastfeeding techniques and provide education for this wonderful bonding experience between you and your bundle of joy.

Yeriwah Clinic Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):
Our Neonatal Intensive care unit is equipped with advanced equipment including infant incubators and patient monitors for continuous monitoring and evaluations of your baby by our highly experienced and dedicated nursing staff. We know every baby is special and that each has a special condition and requires special care. In cases of an emergency, the Clinic is always prepared.

Discharge planning:
Your Discharge planning team and your OBGYN specialist will work together and make your discharge and newborn discharge teaching with ease in a relaxed atmosphere and provide you with the essentials for your Postpartum follow-up care and visits.

We know how important care is to our patients and their families during this time and we make every effort to provide comprehensive support to the mother. Our team of dedicated and experienced registered nurses make safe care visits within 1 day post-discharge from Yeriwah Clinic and this is followed by another safe care visit several days after discharge. The Clinic nursing staff will schedule your Postpartum follow-up visit with our OBGYN doctors.

Our Newborn Clinic and Maternal Follow-up:
The newborn clinic and maternal follow-up is a new program and it’s the first of its kind in the whole country. This service is only offered to mothers who gave birth here at our Yeriwah Clinic and their newborns.

The clinic focuses on infant and postpartum mother care including, maternal mental distress management, (Sondomoo tenkung baliyaa (Mandinka) and Xel bu dalut (Wolof) lack of steady mind/heart, post-delivery recovery, care of Lactating mother and lactation assistance, heart saver CPR and choking of the infant.

The Newborn visit is focused on general well-being of the Newborn. Our dedicated and experienced nurses will check the jaundice level of your baby with specialized equipment, provide education, and contact our OBYN doctors if necessary.

Our General Outpatient Service:
Yeriwah Clinic is dedicated to women’s health advancement and is the region’s number one choice for maternal health and outpatient care services. Our team of internal medicine, Specialist, and Generalist doctors with our dedicated nursing staff are here to provide optimal care to you and your entire family.

Our registration process is fast and efficient. We have one of the shortest times in the region. With our Electronic health record system and smooth registration process, each pt spends less time at our registration desk and is quickly escorted by our dedicated staff to their next service area for care or discharge front desk.

We provide consultations, observations, treatment, prenatal services for a healthy pregnancy, and 24-hour emergency obstetric care for mothers expecting and post-delivery mothers. Women’s wellness services, Screenings for preventative care, lab tests, routine physical exams, courtesy pregnancy testing and blood testing, Immunizations, and diagnostic procedures.

Yeriwah Clinic outpatient services help prevent or reduce the need for hospital stays by evaluating and treating health conditions that are not severe enough to require treatment in the hospital. Our team of family practice doctors, specialists, internal medicine doctors, generalists, registered nurses, and medical assistants are prepared to provide excellent care for you and your family during your visit to our clinic. Yeriwah Clinic outpatient services are affordable, and accessible and offer convenience to everyone that comes for care.

Nurse Telehealth Services
This service is 24/7 and will improve patient access to care especially those in the remote catchment areas of Brikama where access to care is very limited. The nurse telehealth service focuses on triage, prevention, disease management, education, and referral.

Our pharmacy has a large stock of a wide range of medications and we offer them to our patients and their families at a very reasonable cost. Patients seen and evaluated by our team of health professionals receive our best rates for prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Our experienced and highly skilled pharmacists assisted by a team of pharmacy technicians also provide drug and education information leaflets and work with our dedicated medical and nursing team to provide both inpatient and outpatient drug infusion services to our patients and their families. The pharmacy is also a resource for inpatient medication Administration.

Yeriwah Clinic’s laboratory is equipped with advanced laboratory equipment for the most common laboratory tests. Our dedicated laboratory Technologist and support technicians are here to make this process easy and have quick turnaround results for you and your families.

With our Electronic health record system, our doctors can review results, discuss, and keep you informed of the decisions regarding your condition. The laboratory is also supported by our outpatient Phlebotomy staff for quick collection of samples and drop off.

Our Imaging and Diagnostic Services:
At Yeriwah Clinic we are dedicated to women’s health and wellness and our experienced technicians and providers share a deep understanding of these and are committed to addressing patient’s concerns and needs. Whether you are doing a routine screening or specialized procedure, our services include a broad range of diagnostic assessments and procedures.

With our state-of-the-art color Ultrasonic diagnostic machine, one of a kind in the nation with micron imaging, harmonic imaging, trapezoid imaging, and automatic spectrum tracking measurement technology, we are here for your wellness and a one-stop all healthcare provider.

The primary purpose of our ultrasound scan is for the general well-being of the baby and mother. In essence, this is for a Diagnostic check and you will take home a report once our sonographer has completed your scan study. Our ultrasound packages include photo prints, digital images, and optional gender confirmation as standard. You can do these scans between 24-34 weeks gestation.

We offer the following specialized services:
• 4D Volume real skin rendering and scanning
• Obstetrics Gynecology and Abdomen
• Obstetric Urology and Gynecology
• Fetal Well-being scanning
• Heart and chambers, cardiac function, and pericardial effusion
• Vascular and Musculoskeletal
• Triplet scanning
• Small parts scanning

At Yeriwah Clinic patient education is where it all starts. When our patients get the right information at the right time, they are able to make informed decisions regarding their care and their families.

We are committed to providing medical care and education to our community here in West Coast Region. Its our goal to make our patients get the best information regarding their condition. Our team of dedicated and experienced nursing staff provide education on the following.

• CPR, first aid/Heart Saver
• Newborn discharge
• Mother follow up and Nurse newborn visit
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Gestational Diabetes
• Gestational hypertension
• Chronic Hypertension
• Congestive heart failure
• Healthy Nutrition
• Immunizations
• Healthy pregnancy and Healthy delivery
• Asthma

Yeriwah Clinic understands that convenient, accessible, and affordable care and service are important for our patients. We also know that patients do not always need hospital admissions to get the care and treatment they need.

Some patients require observation and monitoring for a few hours after their treatment or procedure and get back home to their normal life, others will need an overnight stay of up to 72 hours depending on their condition and the procedures performed. We work with our dedicated nursing and medical professionals to make this service first In the nation.

The Clinic offers the following services
• IV fluid therapy
• Iron infusion therapy
• Blood transfusion
• Same Day Surgery services
• Minimally invasive surgeries

Yeriwah Clinic understands the key role education plays in patient outcomes. This service is for licensed healthcare professionals. Education is based on scientific research and evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. This service is only offered here at Yeriwah Clinic.

Coming Soon:
• BLS-CPR for Healthcare Providers

Our Referral Services:
Yeriwah Clinic understands that partnership and collaboration are required in healthcare systems delivery and we are committed to best patient outcomes. We know patients will at times require a higher level of care and when the need arises our doctors and nurses will be in the center to communicate with you and our partner hospitals and Clinics to give them up-to-date information regarding your condition and treatment and prepare you and your family for this process.

Our partners
• Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital
• Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Join our team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We welcome you to come join us for career advancement and good incentives. Join a team that values you and celebrates your achievements and commitment to Yeriwah Clinic.

Our Local Partners:
Yeriwah has a very strong partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of The Gambia.

Our international partners:  Yeriwah Mega Foundation and Yeriwah Clinic have collaboration with Odessa Regional Medical Center (ORMC), Medical Center Hospital (MCH), Permian Regional Medical Center (PRMC), and Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH)