Cognizant of the fact that there is less medical expertise and very little medical and diagnostic equipment in these areas. Yeriwah plans to build a permanent mission hospital for Sustainability of our health programs which is key to give people ongoing access to quality healthcare. Yeriwah partners with other organizations in the area to make referral and follow up a thorough process. Through our permanent hospital/clinic, Yeriwah will employ full time health care workers who will work alongside a season medical director and mentor for Gambian staff on primary care preventative approach and public health initiatives for all communities we serve. The health programs include but not limited to cardiac illnesses, respiratory illnesses, diabetes, hypertension and prenatal care. Yeriwah wants to be the main primary care provider in the underserved areas we serve.

Yeriwah will also install electronic medical records (EMR) which will help provide high quality standards, promote efficiency and easy access to patient information for timely treatment with focus on our mission centered approach. We will also develop our own protocols for treatment.

The permanent mission hospital will also provide life-saving operations for children and adults who live in underserved countries.

Customer service, patient confidentiality, privacy and disclosure of health information will be our priority to facilitate care seamlessly for our patients.

Since our focus is on helping patients, Yeriwah will charge a fee for service to help sustain our permanent hospital services. The structure will be a vital part of our health missions program and it will be a one stop center for all health care needs from ER, to diagnostics centers, pharmacy, laboratory, critical care, labor and delivery center, internal medicine, pediatrics and maternal care and medical specialty services. Yeriwah looks forward to serving thousands of patients and being the primary care provider for underserved and desperate populations.

The permanent mission hospital also plans to place resident physicians and post resident physicians who wish to volunteer in service to humanity the time line could be 1-2 years depending on board deliberations and approval.